Whitehorse Beverages and Food


Whitehorse Beverages and Foods (WBD) is a division of TTG and is the exclusive distributor of Coca-Cola products for the Yukon Territory.  WBD proudly provides its wholesale customers with effective solutions for the resale of its beverages.

The service and supply of numerous different types of vending equipment, new and used refrigerated coolers, fountain dispensing systems and point of sale racking, combined with an effective pricing structure and timely, reliable distribution, allow the WBD division to flourish in the wholesale market in the Yukon.

WBD division owns and operates its own fleet of delivery trucks, manages a 10,000 sq. ft. shipping warehouse, located centrally in the downtown core of Yukon’s capital city, Whitehorse. Its customer base primarily consists of retailers and resellers of beverages, but WBD division also does a strong portion of its sales directly to industry, such as remote mining or energy exploration camps, or adventure and eco-tourism operators.

Great supporters of local events and facilities, WBD is an assertive business operation looking to support and develop relationships that will generate both incremental business revenues but also foster growth and support for the community as a whole.

Strong distribution relationships exist with Coca-Cola Refreshments Canada, as well as supplier to customer relationships with large National retailers such as Canadian Tire, Loblaw’s and Wal-Mart Canada.

Website: http://www.whitehorsebeverages.ca/