Investment Criteria

The Tle’ Nax T’awei Group (TTG) is an assertive, diversified organization focused on business growth and increased return for its ownership, The Teslin Tlingit First Nation. The majority of TTG’s active businesses have been attained through acquisition.

At TTG, we are constantly reviewing and searching for new opportunities, investments, or businesses that might enhance our Group’s success and profitability. Potential acquisitions should have the following characteristics to be strongly considered:

  • The entity should have a strong, stable management team in place who are motivated by growth and involved in a business sector that presents opportunity and/or has capacity for incremental profitability.
  • The entity should be healthy in its own business sector and have a stable history of market success with a trend towards strong profitability.
  • The entity should have a diversified customer base and strong agreements with established and reputable suppliers.
  • The entity should have a strong strategic or business plan combined with logical reasoning that shows support for an investment or acquisition by TTG.
  • TTG is not motivated to be involved in new venture capital investments and/or fledgling start up businesses. Entities without positive profitability history and whereby management has limited experience in a proposed venture will not usually qualify for consideration by TTG.
  • An entity should be located in  Canada.

For more information as to  Tle’ Nax T’awei Group’s acquisition or investment strategies, please contact:

Justin Halowaty
CEO, Tle’ Nax T’awei Inc.