TTG Announces the Addition of Prince Albert Beverages





Prince Albert Beverages Division (PAB) is new to the Tle’Nax T’awei Group (TTG) and starting July 3, 2015 will be the exclusive distributor of Coca-Cola products for the northern Saskatchewan and northern Manitoba areas. PAB is based in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. TTG also has Coca-Cola distribution divisions based in Yellowknife/Hay River, NWT and Whitehorse, Yukon.

PAB proudly provides its wholesale customers with effective solutions for the resale of beverages. The service and supply of numerous different types of vending equipment,  refrigerated coolers, fountain dispensing systems and point of sale racking, plus an effective pricing structure and timely, reliable distribution will enable PAB to flourish in the wholesale market in its sales area.

PAB operates its own fleet of delivery trucks. Its customer base includes retailers and resellers of beverages, and direct sales to industry customers such as remote communities, mining and energy exploration camps and adventure and eco-tourism operators.

Great supporters of local events and facilities, PAB is an assertive business operation looking to support and develop relationships that will generate both incremental business revenues and foster growth for the community as a whole.

The President and Director of TTI, Richard Sidney, affirms that “the Board of Directors and I are pleased by this expanded relationship with Coca-Cola and we are excited by the expansion of our business into this new region of Western Canada.”  TTG is committed to excellence and continued diversified growth in the local and regional economy.

PABD is part of the Tle’ Nax T’awei Group of business holdings, the business arm of the Teslin Tlingit First Nation from Teslin, Yukon.  TTG has its business operations based in Whitehorse, Yukon.  Management of TTG and its corporate group is provided by the General Partner, Tle’ Nax T’awei Inc. (“TTI”), under the day to day leadership of Justin Halowaty, CEO.

For more information contact:

Bill Dallas Les Arno
Management Consultant General Manager
Tle’Nax Tawei Limited Partnership Prince Albert Beverages Division
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